Frank Lyman Autumn 2015

Frank Lyman Autumn 2015

Let’s Be Perfectly ‘Frank’, Style Is Everything.

The woman wearing a Frank Lyman design is sure of herself, a little bit rebel and wants to be unique. She is charming and audacious. To accentuate her femininity, she wears dresses and whether she wears a tunic and leggings, she’ll always be seductive and exciting.

Frank Lyman started in the fashion industry at the age of 18, as a salesperson. His venture started throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

The moment he met his first customer, he knew he had a passion for fashion and especially design.

Frank Lyman Design has been a success story in itself but more importantly has become a well-known international brand.

Frank Lyman is proud to say that his collection is designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada He also attributes his success to his employee’s full dedication and loyal customers across Canada, U.S.A. and Europe.


You can visit the Frank Lyman website by clicking here.